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Biologic Curriculum

The state-of-the-art of growing healthy fruit constantly evolves. There's both a complexity and a beauty to working with the life forces found in an orchard ecosystem. A good apple is about so much more than simply negating pests and disease! A biologic approach to orcharding relies first and foremost on supporting system health.


Everything in Nature is interdependent . . . everything!
I have to emphasize this again and again.
Rudolf Steiner


The curriculum shared here are essential teachings drawn from Michael's books, along with updated information woven in as new insights are discovered. Observation of Nature's ways is how one fine tunes the nuance of these teachings to your own orchard site. Subtler answers to pest challenges fall into place only once robust soil health invites all the beings above to join in the symphony of this amazing green world.

Your learning curve 

We learn best about fruiting trees and healthy soil – and indeed ourselves – by getting our hands in the earth. Dedicated study furthers our understanding, be it highly recommended books or cutting edge news. Truth is we are like nursery whips at the start, developing strong branches over several seasons to someday produce fantastic fruit.

Be patient, listen, and enjoy the journey.

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