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bar stripe is a Holistic Orchard Network: Together we can Grow Organic Apples as part of the local foods movement.

Thinking Links

for Holistic Orchard Research

Knowledge is integral to figuring out holistic orchard systems. The websites listed here are either complete curriculums in themselves or a portal to never-ending discovery. As always, send me your own worthy suggestions please!

Soil Health

Soil & Health Library: Online editions of out-of-print classics provide in-depth knowledge of those who came before us. Everyone should especially peruse "SOIL MICROORGANISMS AND HIGHER PLANTS" by the Russian soil scientist N. A. Krasil'nikov. You just never know what you'll find in an old book!

Soil Food Web: Elaine Ingram's site brings one up-to-date on the fascinating interplay of soil life and the nuances of aerobic compost tea. This is also the place to connect for submitting soil samples for bioassay work.

BioNutrient Food Association: Let food quality be an organizing principle as we work to build healthy soils everywhere. Good explanation of BRIX to be found here.

Soil Minerals for Organic Gardeners: Michael Astera does a great job of explaining the importance of mineral balance in soils.

Resisting Disease

Stop Scab Project: Danish research into alternatives to sulfur and copper

Descartes -- click for Holistic Orchard Network Discussion Forum
Explore even more nuance in our grower discussion forum.

The Fungal Curve: The rhythm of fungal happenings in the orchard very much ties into the cycles of feeder root growth of the apple tree. All of us should ponder the drawings posted in this article, The Fungal Curve, when considering our methods.

Fire Blight Alternatives: This detailed look at holistic strategies for fire blight leads organic fruit growers beyond antibiotics to competitive colonization. Thank you, Organic Center!

Insect Dynamics

Less Toxic Insecticides: Kudos to Clemson University for detailing the nuance of the organic tool box!

Beneficial Insect Habitat: Conrad Vispo's paper on the role of orchard habitats and the surrounding landscape in apple production is good stuff.

Support our Organic Apple Grower Network! Your involvement means we can do so much more! Support our growers' network! Your involvement means we can do so much more!

Organic Production

Organic Fruit Growers Research: This comprehensive research page links to both university and grower projects.

Varietal Notes

Midwest Apple Improvement Association: Apple growers need to embrace bioregional culitvars that stand up to the challenges of the orchard ecosystem. Here's one place to get enthused!

Beyond the Honeycrisp Apple: David Karp lists the up and coming in this New York Times article from Fall 2015.

Adapted illustration by John Bunker, FEDCO Trees -- click for Holistic Orchard Research home page

Holistic Orchard Research

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bar stripe is a Holistic Orchard Network: Together we can Grow Organic Apples as part of the local foods movement. btm

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