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Networking Connections

Alternative-minded fruit growers have several ways to connect with one another. Active dialogue is critical: We advance our understanding only by exploring healthy nuance together. Chatting at home by way of the computer screen can be especially useful when participants stay on topic. Regional networks offer the opportunity to meet face-to-face, sometimes even in actual orchards during the growing season. And it all starts with you getting involved!


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Web Discussion Groups

Holistic Orchard Network connects health-focused fruit growers in active discussion. Our online community provides a broad range of forum opportunities aimed at pleasing beginners and grizzled veterans alike. Check this networking overview for information about participating in our discussion forum for community orchardists.

Organic Fruit Growers Association This trade alliance centered in the Upper Midwest was organized in part to give organic fruit growers a voice in national policy. The OFGA list-serve forum explores the full gamut of questions that come up in the organic orchard. Experienced growers are involved here as well as folks initiating a community orchard effort. Write to sign up.

NAFEX The North American Fruit Explorers isn't necessarily organic or commercial but many, many avid fruit growers will tackle questions about all manners of fruits. Truly, from paw paws to gobi berries! Members can access the quarterly newsletter via, while anyone may participate in associated web discussions by registering at

Home Orchard Society This Oregon-based network of home orchardists encourages all manner of fruit growing questions. Sign up at for a western slant on what you need to know to grow flavorful fruit.

The Growing Fruit Forum has a number of dedicated IPM growers who engage in useful horticultural perspective now and again. Thanks go to Scott Smith for keeping these discussions to task!

Join us on FaceBook

Grow Organic Apples on Facebook welcomes home orchardists into the pursuit of growing healthy fruit. Tune in for seasonal advice from Michael as well as dialogue with other folks growing good apples and the like for their families.

Upcoming Events!

Saturday March 20th, 2021

Biological Orcharding

North Garden, Virginia

A full-day intensive on healthy orcharding!

Wednesday - Saturday February 2nd – 5th, 2022

Farming for The Future

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Michael will be keynoting the 2022 PASA Conference as well as teaching classes.

Bioregional Meetings and Organizations

Our annual Berkshire Roundtable is held every March for community orchardists in the New England vicinity. The Organic Tree Fruit Association has been organizing field days in orchards where growers can discuss alternative approaches to growing apples in season. If others are doing anything like this in other regions, please let Michael know so we can spread the word.


Organic Apple Growers Event

March 3 & 4, 2021: Berkshire Roundtable, West Hawley, Massachusetts. Please see our registration flyer to get a better sense of this gathering, cost, and directions. All interested growers should check with Michael to find out if space is available. Registration begins in January of each new year.


Regional chapters of the North American Fruit Explorers are a great way to meet other fruit growers in your neighborhood. Scion exchanges and fruit tasting events by bioregional groups like the Home Orchard Society, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners (organized in part by John Bunker of FEDCO Trees), Backyard Fruit Growers, and California Rare Fruit Growers serve us all well by introducing folks to the pleasures and ways of growing good fruit.


Workshops and Conferences

You'll find a listing of upcoming happenings that specifically speak to the growing of healthy fruit on our Online Events Calendar. Help us keep tabs on regional group activities and holistic research offerings. Those interested in meeting up with Michael Phillips can check his schedule of speaking events (at his farm website) for conference presentations as well as all-day apple intensives held in the growing season.

Organic Apple Growers Event

June 13 & 14, 2020: Holistic Orchard Intensive with Michael Phillips at his farm, Groveton, New Hampshire.

Holistic Orchard Network

Support our Organic Apple Grower Network! Your involvement means we can do so much more!
This network needs
your financial
as well!

Sure, you're here now on the very site of which we speak . . . but are you involved?!!!

A running summary of grower input as well as links to important discoveries are posted on our Research Pages. The kind of sharing sought here does not need to be limited to a reductionist scientific approach (as useful as some of those results can be) as much as reflect inquisitive thinking from a systems point of view. The updated articles posted within our Biologic Curriculum suggest numerous possibilities of inquiry. Growers can sign up here as well for our Community Orchardist newsletter for announcement of network happenings and orchard insights.

Let's Hear it for our Advisory Board!

The next step here at the Holistic Orchard Network on our way to 'organizational prowess' is the formation of a grower board of advisors. We're delighted to announce that the following members have agreed to help provide Michael with feedback in determining network priorities:

  • Brian Caldwell, New York
  • Neil Collins, California
  • Linda Hoffman, Massachusetts
  • Dan Kelly, Missouri
  • David Doncaster, British Columbia
  • Marty Bell, Connecticut
  • Michelle McColl, Australia
  • Gordon Tooley, New Mexico
  • Don Kretschmann, Pennsylvania

The regional perspective of this board should help in formalizing ties with various efforts going on across America and indeed the world. Discussion is underway as to obtaining non-profit status for the network to facilitate grant funding. . . needless to say, there are pros and cons to such a move.



The Community Orchardist Newsletter

Stay informed about issues important to orchardists and backyard fruit growers by signing up to receive our newsletter. We'll write only on occasion, as life in the orchard gets pretty busy throughout the growing season. Part of the fun of having written The Apple Grower and The Holistic Orchard is serving as a clearinghouse of information that helps all of us to grow the good fruit.

Names will not be exchanged with other lists, and unsubscribing is as easy as simply asking.

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