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Out to the Orchard

Open this folder to find topics covering the gamut of orchard management. Posts here can be logically placed within the category index, just one click away. The ongoing nature of this approach allows growers to keep a knowledge-based conversation going, year after year after year.  
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Arboreal Microbes

Grower forays into competitive colonization, microbe brews, and microbe-mediated foliar nutrition deserve attention. Let this forum be the place to celebrate and explore bacterial and fungal allies up in the tree canopy.

22120March 08, 2022 06:37AM

Bacterial Opportunists

Fire blight and the rest: sanitation, competitive canopy environment, varietal resistance, useful medicines.

20120May 11, 2023 07:40PM

Biodynamic Orcharding

Rudolf Steiner suggested the core precepts that became biodynamic agriculture. Zero in on how you apply these principles to healthy orcharding.

427April 11, 2021 08:08PM

Bug by Bug

Orchard insect pests: biology, points of vulnerability, trap thresholds, spray specifics, natural predators, ecosystem balance.

68420May 21, 2023 06:44PM

Cider Maker's Handbook

What wine does for grapes, cider does for apples. Explore the fermenter's art from every angle. Farm reserve ciders are a happening scene. Huzzah!

841November 09, 2022 02:14AM

Ecosystem Connections

Beneficial relationships between the insect realm, understory plants, and the orchard fertility loop. PERMACULTURE design principles take root here.

2090March 29, 2023 09:08PM

Fungal Pathogens

The whole gamut of fungal disease concerns, from disease specifics to old school organics (mineral fungicides) to biological innovation.

48279May 22, 2023 04:33AM

Good Fruit Marketing

Share about fruit pricing strategies, sensible grading, marketing outlets, value-added products, labeling tips, and customer satisfaction.

22114February 04, 2023 08:49PM


Tips on starting fruit trees along with discussion of longevity factors, vascular flow, and more.

40183March 25, 2022 05:26PM

Grower Research

We understand that allopathic spray medicines of whatever persuasion make up for specific biological and nutritional deficiencies in the orchard. Ergo, investing in soil health, foliar health, diverse biology, and plant allies makes all the sense in the world for growing healthy fruit. Here's where we prove it.

21105May 23, 2023 05:12PM

Healthy Harvest

Insights for bringing in all those bushels of fruit, storage options, grading efficiency, and making the best use of help.

1047July 25, 2022 03:38PM

Mammalian Tales

Critter solutions from voles and crows to deer and yes, even beavers!

1777May 10, 2022 05:13PM

Orchard Systems

Get on the ol' rootstock bandwagon! Along with talk of trellis systems, in-row management, tree spacing, and interplanting.

25134February 22, 2023 03:08PM

Organic Thinning

Techniques, observations, and frustrations related to fruit crop loading, return bloom, and biennial bearing.

1681March 15, 2023 09:43PM


Being about the ways of bees, native pollinators, weather challenges, attractant sprays, frost protection, and blossom viability

1256March 24, 2023 02:12AM


Do we dare open up this Pandora's Box of orcharding technique? You betcha!

38153April 22, 2023 06:22PM

Sensible Equipment

Ask other growers about sprayers, mowers, scythes, pruning tools, tractors, row-mulchers, wood chippers, cider presses, fermenting vats, and more.

50288March 12, 2023 07:23PM

Spray Nuance

Calcium uptake, herbal fermentation, liquid fish, pure neem oil, pest options, the mineral fungicides, impact of same on microbes ... from timing and tank mixing to sourcing spray materials and evaluating effectiveness.

81403May 19, 2023 07:39AM

Starting an Orchard

Biological insights for prepping ground, cover crops, recommended soil amendments, and establishing fungal dominance in the soil

22120August 12, 2022 01:09AM

Tree Fruit Nutrition

Soil test interpretation, plant sap analysis, organic amendments, orchard compost, cation balance, micronutrients, fertigation ... all for growing "nutrient dense" fruit.

35161January 11, 2023 10:36PM

Understory Management

Forest edge ecology, mulch options, irrigation, mycorrhizal consciousness, tree root cycles, the great grass debate, and more!

36153February 18, 2022 05:46AM