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Spray Nuance

Calcium uptake, herbal fermentation, liquid fish, pure neem oil, pest options, the mineral fungicides, impact of same on microbes ... from timing and tank mixing to sourcing spray materials and evaluating effectiveness. 
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A sticker for Surround

by Peter Fisher
1,671205/18/2017 04:06PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Neem, cold weather, and hard water

by Peter Fisher
2,9811105/09/2017 08:54PM
Last Post by Jason MacArthur

Tree Row Volume and Micronutrients

by Jason MacArthur
2,336505/02/2017 05:52PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

distinguishing micronized sulphur

by Ian Graham
2,177105/02/2017 05:01PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Using Whey for Orchard Health and Disease Management

by John Knisley
2,061204/19/2017 05:55PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Extra Chill Hours

by Truman Henson
2,759204/18/2017 04:13PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Other Syrups

by Tim Bates
2,7841201/26/2017 02:27PM
Last Post by Joanne Patton

Did that spray work?

by Joanne Patton
2,803501/26/2017 02:24PM
Last Post by Joanne Patton

sun scald

by David Doncaster
3,283207/02/2016 12:02PM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

Control of Summer Rots, Sooty Blotch, Flyspeck

by Doug Newman
2,694206/22/2016 09:33AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

How long before spraying sulfur again?

by Nick Hall
3,549305/11/2016 11:01AM
Last Post by Nick Hall

Frost protection, potassium sulfate & apricots

by Peter Fisher
3,022504/09/2016 08:32PM
Last Post by Peter Fisher

Newbie question about spray concentrations

by Nathaniel Bouman
3,610804/09/2016 04:15PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

neem coagulation

by Elliot Dembner
3,555302/16/2016 11:36AM
Last Post by Paul Weir

Spray Drift

by Robbie Anderman
3,108207/13/2014 04:37PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

bitter pit

by Brian Caldwell
3,696406/06/2014 08:07PM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

Sea Mineral Application Rates and Timing

by Jack Mastrianni
3,691205/21/2014 07:58PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

EM following Lime Sulfur?

by Terence Welch
8,758705/06/2014 11:27PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Mixing neem with surround

by Fabio Chizzola
4,011304/29/2014 11:36AM
Last Post by Susan Fancy

Overlap Timing of Granulosis Virus and Sulfur

by Susan Fancy
5,522504/11/2014 01:46PM
Last Post by Susan Fancy

early season copper

by Roger Pellegrini
5,294404/01/2014 08:22AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Shelf life of Neem oil

by Peter Fisher
28,484203/04/2014 10:06AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Surround Price increase $$$

by Steve Gougeon & Jen Williams
4,294805/21/2013 04:41PM
Last Post by Linda Hoffman

Make your own Lime Sulfur?

by Francis Brabant
7,115105/11/2013 03:48PM
Last Post by Francis Brabant

Saponification? Emulsifying Neem with Soap

by Tim Bates
12,203805/04/2013 09:07PM
Last Post by Josh Karp

Crocker Fish Oil for Dormant Spray

by Jack Mastrianni
5,354304/24/2013 05:07PM
Last Post by Kevin Frank

using both sulfur and competitve biology

by Leigh Wiley
4,121603/05/2013 06:59PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

What about using dried herbs in sprays?

by Debbie Lienhart
4,550301/10/2013 10:24PM
Last Post by Debbie Lienhart