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Sensible Equipment

Ask other growers about sprayers, mowers, scythes, pruning tools, tractors, row-mulchers, wood chippers, cider presses, fermenting vats, and more. 
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Favorite picking bucket

by Peter Fisher
3,189512/21/2017 10:11AM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

Cheap Alternative to Row Mulcher

by Nathaniel Bouman
4,336111/14/2017 07:38PM
Last Post by Nathaniel Bouman

Heavy duty weed-wacker VS push on flail mower for understory in older trees

by Fabio Chizzola
3,183308/07/2017 04:09PM
Last Post by Josh Karp

Sprayer recommendation

by Joanne Corkum
2,995506/06/2017 03:18PM
Last Post by Joanne Corkum

jet agitation kit for sprayer

by Peter Fisher
4,215205/18/2017 10:34PM
Last Post by Peter Fisher

Coolbot replacement

by Joanne Patton
2,830205/08/2017 04:45AM
Last Post by Ian Graham

solar irrigation for a remote orchard site

by seth jones
3,861504/04/2017 07:30PM
Last Post by Chris Vlitas

midsize brewer

by Michael Phillips
3,098303/14/2017 03:56PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Best irrigation system ?

by Joanne Patton
19,7241102/28/2016 12:39AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Wood Chipper (self-powered)

by Erica Hockett
8,344502/15/2016 07:42PM
Last Post by Ethan Gouge

Frost Protection - Orchard Alarm

by Nicole Stewart
4,047112/16/2015 08:43PM
Last Post by Nicole Stewart

Pak Tank maintenance

by Michael Phillips
6,510311/10/2015 02:59AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Mist Sprayers/Foggers

by Colin Lundy
13,653805/23/2015 10:08PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

barrel pumps

by Michael Phillips
5,392404/05/2014 04:02AM
Last Post by Fabio Chizzola

juicing options

by Robbie Anderman
6,680303/27/2014 03:02AM
Last Post by David Doncaster

Long Arm Telescoping Pruners

by Robbie Anderman
5,777204/12/2013 09:08PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips