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Starting an Orchard

Biological insights for prepping ground, cover crops, recommended soil amendments, and establishing fungal dominance in the soil 
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clay orchard

by Laura Sieger
324808/12/2022 01:09AM
Last Post by Josh Willis

First Year Nutrition

by Mark Trapp
411504/27/2022 03:08AM
Last Post by Josh Willis

Varietal Selection

by Todd Parlo
474504/09/2022 06:42PM
Last Post by Alan Surprenant

Establishing a Nursery

by Mason Colby
416203/06/2022 02:42AM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

planting on raised ground

by Chad Armentrout
2,6261209/07/2021 03:57PM
Last Post by Craig Bickle

Epsom Salts

by Nathan Parker
729205/12/2021 09:56PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Economics of starting new community scale orchard

by Ian Graham
1,0451004/17/2021 04:36PM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Pressure treated posts for fence, big mistake?

by Nathaniel Bouman
38,6591403/26/2021 07:11PM
Last Post by Prairie Sundance

Tree Settling

by Geof Hall
4,9351003/15/2021 12:40AM
Last Post by Ian Graham

Composted Manure

by Nathan Parker
815501/27/2021 04:19PM
Last Post by Brittany Kordick

graft union orientation

by Michael Phillips
2,441301/26/2019 07:13PM
Last Post by Liz Griffith

Feeding Trees Diluted Sugars

by Karn Piana
3,899506/16/2018 08:27AM
Last Post by Karn Piana

First Year Orchard

by Whitney Fulton
2,202206/03/2018 06:11AM
Last Post by Josh Willis

dig now. dig later.

by seth jones
2,058204/13/2018 04:38AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Transplanting from nursery to orchard

by Jeff Harner
2,035303/25/2018 05:09AM
Last Post by Paul Weir

Firming up planting date

by Nathaniel Bouman
3,984406/21/2017 11:22PM
Last Post by Pat Pryal

Crown Gall - Methods of Control

by Arne Andersen
4,359509/12/2016 04:48PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Digging holes

by Nathaniel Bouman
7,7681103/15/2016 10:26PM
Last Post by Ethan Gouge

Cover cropping to prevent replant disease

by Liz Griffith
3,596103/09/2016 05:37PM
Last Post by Liz Griffith

Cover cropping strategies prior to orchard planting

by Clair Kauffman
6,446409/20/2015 06:31PM
Last Post by Shelah Horvitz

using chipped Hawthorn trees in orchard

by Peter Drevniok
6,403509/01/2014 05:14PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

grouping of varieties in orchard rows

by Peter Drevniok
4,686207/31/2014 10:00PM
Last Post by David Maxwell