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Being about the ways of bees, native pollinators, weather challenges, attractant sprays, frost protection, and blossom viability 
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When chill hours come up short

by Brittany Kordick
157305/01/2021 04:23PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

25 and 26 Degrees Plus Snow During Bloom

by Susan Fancy
230204/20/2021 03:30AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

seasonal variation

by Michael Phillips
266604/02/2021 07:13PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

frost protection with carbon sugars

by Sebastian Luczak
252103/30/2021 08:22PM
Last Post by Sebastian Luczak

Oddly staggered bloom sequence

by Jason MacArthur
821606/05/2019 05:49PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

spray influence on open blossoms

by Michael Phillips
978104/23/2019 05:44PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Super late pollinator varieties

by Stuart Madany
2,266902/06/2018 06:17PM
Last Post by Stuart Madany

Frost protection before petal fall

by Ian Graham
2,277505/12/2017 08:04AM
Last Post by Ian Graham

blossom reversal

by Michael Phillips
2,650306/28/2016 12:57PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

fruit bud development

by Michael Phillips
4,9161006/11/2014 09:15PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

bumbles in late summer

by Michael Phillips
4,255912/20/2012 12:51AM
Last Post by Paul Weir