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Organic Thinning

Techniques, observations, and frustrations related to fruit crop loading, return bloom, and biennial bearing. 
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bicarbonate for thinning

by Brian Caldwell
3,876701/17/2020 08:05PM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

11 y/o Pear that doesn't bloom

by Josh Willis
397304/19/2019 05:06PM
Last Post by Josh Willis

Late season return bloom strategies for apples

by Mike Biltonen
1,462208/27/2017 01:57AM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

Peach thinning and tree physiology

by Peter Fisher
1,479206/08/2017 01:18AM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

EAS as thinning 'ally'

by Josh Karp
1,429205/26/2017 11:31AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

Alternate bearing

by Zea Sonnabend
1,584605/12/2017 01:28AM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

Table Salt

by Nathaniel Bouman
1,410103/23/2017 11:13AM
Last Post by Nathaniel Bouman

Pruning to Thin the Crop

by Michelle and Chris McColl
4,371708/30/2014 08:03PM
Last Post by Nathaniel Bouman

Quince - do I need to thin?

by David Maxwell
2,852106/18/2014 09:22AM
Last Post by David Maxwell

fruit cracking

by Robbie Anderman
3,183208/04/2013 12:07PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips