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Good Fruit Marketing

Share about fruit pricing strategies, sensible grading, marketing outlets, value-added products, labeling tips, and customer satisfaction. 
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Business is Business

by Todd Parlo
2,127405/23/2018 09:03PM
Last Post by Michelle and Chris McColl

extended season distribution

by Todd Parlo
1,052202/16/2018 11:52AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

"Farm-Based Cidery" - The combo of natural Apples, natural Cider, and natural Business?

by Andy Brennan
1,586503/13/2017 11:28AM
Last Post by Jeff Harner

direct market apple pricing

by Michael Phillips
29,1291108/06/2016 01:49AM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend

commercial shipping

by Michael Phillips
1,926303/11/2016 02:39PM
Last Post by Pat Pryal

apple packaging

by Michael Phillips
3,745209/13/2015 09:29PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

cost per acre

by Michael Phillips
4,604706/08/2015 06:50AM
Last Post by Michelle and Chris McColl

Selling through a Neighbor's CSA

by Peter Fisher
2,968203/02/2015 05:12PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

cider apple pricing

by Jeb Thurow
9,037702/19/2015 11:39AM
Last Post by Nick Segner

Mail Order Organic Apples

by Steve Hamblin
4,949310/26/2014 07:29PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Vinegar as valued-added Income

by Michelle and Chris McColl
6,4461906/27/2014 07:14AM
Last Post by Michelle and Chris McColl

apple molasses / cider jelly

by Todd Parlo
7,592604/27/2014 04:37PM
Last Post by Tim Bates

Value Added Apples

by Todd Parlo
7,763408/29/2013 09:03PM
Last Post by Robbie Anderman