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Just Talk

If you want to talk about something that doesn't fit into a particular orchard category, then this is the place! Within the bounds of propriety, of course, given our abiding interest with the fruits of nature and the benefits of kindness, anything reasonable goes. What's on your mind? 
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Mostviertel: perry making region in Austria

by Claude Jolicoeur
2,000509/11/2015 11:08AM
Last Post by Claude Jolicoeur

Plum wine recipes

by Colin Lundy
2,267409/09/2015 09:03PM
Last Post by Robbie Anderman

sugar content in pears

by Robbie Anderman
1,753309/07/2015 08:56AM
Last Post by Robbie Anderman

scab observations 2015

by Michael Phillips
2,819907/07/2015 04:44PM
Last Post by Nick Segner

June Drop

by Russ Martin
2,113306/18/2015 04:55PM
Last Post by Tim Bates

Biochar use with woodchips

by Elliot Dembner
2,249206/03/2015 01:56PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

staying connected

by Michael Phillips
2,467704/28/2015 09:25PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

The Joys of Internet

by Michael Potts
3,322504/21/2015 05:15PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

Source for older apple varieties on standard rootstocks

by James Austin
3,880503/01/2015 01:11PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo


by Todd Parlo
2,553502/25/2015 04:10PM
Last Post by Tim Bates

Unpeeled cedar posts

by Peter Drevniok
2,404201/16/2015 11:29AM
Last Post by Paul Weir

fifty chances

by Michael Phillips
2,571311/17/2014 06:57PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic DVD recommendations

by Nick Segner
5,238510/20/2014 10:21AM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Is this a disease? Bug?

by David Maxwell
2,745410/11/2014 10:25AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Mm 106 or wait for something else

by Nathaniel Bouman
3,585208/21/2014 07:01PM
Last Post by Paul Weir

So, you are excited about making cider?

by Paul Weir
5,699310/22/2013 01:00AM
Last Post by Terence Welch

hostels in istanbul

by Michael Phillips
4,100205/10/2013 09:25PM
Last Post by Zea Sonnabend