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Tips on starting fruit trees along with discussion of longevity factors, vascular flow, and more. 
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Disaster! Girdled nursery stock ...

Shadiya Kingerlee3,09603/12/2014 08:57AM

Re: Disaster! Advice please...

David Maxwell89603/12/2014 10:38AM

Grafted scions going straight up

Paul Goettlich2,45109/13/2013 12:23PM

intergenus grafting

Robbie Anderman4,84105/06/2013 08:56PM

Re: Grafting

Claude Jolicoeur1,25005/07/2013 12:05AM

Re: Grafting

Todd Parlo1,18805/07/2013 07:38AM

Re: Grafting

Robbie Anderman1,06205/07/2013 02:18PM

Re: intergenus grafting

Todd Parlo2,05105/07/2013 10:43PM

Re: intergenus grafting

Hillary S. Schultz 1,00205/08/2013 06:33PM

Re: intergenus grafting

Robbie Anderman1,02106/05/2013 12:25PM

rootstock overgrowth

Paul Townsend4,33503/23/2013 04:47PM

Re: rootstock overgrowth

Jim Gallott1,04003/24/2013 03:40PM

Re: rootstock overgrowth

Todd Parlo1,02503/26/2013 11:41AM