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Bug by Bug

Orchard insect pests: biology, points of vulnerability, trap thresholds, spray specifics, natural predators, ecosystem balance.  
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codling moth management

by Steve Gougeon & Jen Williams
8,6661508/10/2015 01:08AM
Last Post by David Doncaster

effectiveness of vinegar jug trap

by Darin Enderton
2,390307/28/2015 12:12PM
Last Post by Peter Fisher

flies on leaves?

by Joanne Corkum
2,687407/18/2015 06:06PM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

Plum Curculio Varietal preference

by Mike Biltonen
3,534605/31/2015 09:55AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Borer injection remedies

by Terry Schaedig
4,106511/03/2014 07:41AM
Last Post by Dan Lefever

Insect stings on fruitlets

by Peter Fisher
4,754707/18/2014 09:27PM
Last Post by Jim Gallott

Unidentified egg cases on terminal twigs

by David Maxwell
4,395906/18/2014 09:07AM
Last Post by David Maxwell

mating disruption

by John Knisley
4,034605/27/2014 09:43PM
Last Post by Tim Bates

Tree Fruit Field Guides by regions

by Elliot Dembner
3,508303/14/2014 12:20AM
Last Post by Paul Weir

GF-120 (spinosad) and fruit flies

by David Maxwell
6,239307/19/2013 06:04PM
Last Post by Terence Welch

codling moth super trap

by David Doncaster
4,186607/19/2013 05:36PM
Last Post by Terence Welch

curculio's end

by Michael Phillips
2,698307/08/2013 10:50AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

identifying RHAB adult beetles

by David Maxwell
3,603207/03/2013 07:19PM
Last Post by Claude Jolicoeur

EAS and varietal susceptibility

by David Maxwell
3,386806/26/2013 12:04PM
Last Post by Fabio Chizzola

tent caterpillers/bag worms

by Paul Townsend
3,979306/19/2013 07:34PM
Last Post by Paul Townsend


by Chris Vlitas
3,695306/10/2013 05:52PM
Last Post by Chris Vlitas

brown marmorated stink bugs

by Peter Fisher
4,988204/21/2013 05:16AM
Last Post by Dan Lefever

Spotted Wing Drosophila

by Doug Newman
5,406503/27/2013 12:51PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Cone traps for PC

by Dan Lefever
2,757103/20/2013 05:13AM
Last Post by Dan Lefever

nematodes vs plum curculio

by Brian Caldwell
5,617303/09/2013 08:19AM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen