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Unable to login to the Forum???

Posted by The Michaels 
Unable to login to the Forum???
August 13, 2016 04:30AM
We see that there are many folks who have requested to join the conversation, been accepted into the family, and yet have never posted. We wondered why, did some digging in the Phorum knowledgebase, and found out that we have a relatively high percentage of account requestors who don't log in upon receiving the confirmation letter. We acknowledge that we have a slightly more elaborate "join-up" process than most Phorums ... but it's not that complex! We suspect that spam catchers (aka junk email filters) are a culprit -- more on those below.

Meanwhile, here's what to do if you can't log in!
    [1] Make sure you know where your spam catchers are. Many Internet Service Providers run their own spam catchers to save themselves from virus and other internet uglies ... and as a special "service" they also filter messages that you may want to see.
    [2] You're reading this post on the Forum. Across the top of this very screen is the participant access bar. Click "Log In" and provide your email address to request a new password. If our Forum data includes that very same email address, you'll receive, within minutes, a new password. Return to the Forum and log in properly. That should solve your problem.
    [3] If you can't remember the email address you used to create your account, shoot us an email. We'll look it up and shoot it back to you in a day or two. (Remember, we're apple growers first, computer geeks second.)
More About Spam Filtering
We have learned (the hard way) that many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate their own spam filters, or subscribe to a spam filtering service. Friendly ISPs let you adjust the aggressiveness of the filter, and look in its spam bucket for mis-filtered emails. Some ISPs aren't so friendly. We hate to say it, but the biggest providers -- we won't mention any names, but some of their initials are Comcast, Viacom, and Warner -- flatly deny that they employ spam filters, even though we can prove they do. This is an open ugly secret in the ill-regulated internet world, and the reason that email has become increasingly uncertain. What did we expect, that a free common good like email wouldn't be abused by the slime dwellers?
One can usually "white-list" an email address or a whole domain, and if you can -- ask your ISP -- and are having trouble getting our emails, make sure that the whole domain groworganicapples.com is on your white-list of senders you are always willing to get email from.
In the extreme case, where your ISP lies to you about filtering your emails, we want to suggest using an online email service like GMail. They filter, but give you access to the filter adjustments, white listing, and the spam bucket.
- Michael the webster

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Re: Unable to login to the Forum???
February 15, 2017 08:58PM
The saga continues. A few of you are currently trying to reestablish your accounts. The new password email being sent from the groworganicapples domain is truly being sent . . . yet you see nothing in your inbox or even the junk mail file on your computer.

Time to get repetitive: Read what's written above concerning More About Spam Filtering. You need to tell your internet service provider that the groworganicapples domain is safe, that you want these emails to go through, that this friggin' orchard life matters.

This forum works well for most of us. You can be included once again by taking this single action step.
- Michael the grower

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire

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