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phorum quirk and two reminders

Posted by Michael Phillips 
phorum quirk and two reminders
January 31, 2021 06:17PM
The Quirk
If you enter the discussion forum from the Portal Page, by clicking on a Hot Topic or Forum Category where a post was recently added, you're likely to see a "non-enhanced view" of this forum. One additional click within that subsequent view will get you to the more familiar HTML view. This is a software issue having to do with interacting with an updated https site like ours. We have urged the Phorum team to fix this... but if not... we may be migrating to a new platform in 2022.

Reminder One
We know each other's full name, as that's provided automatically at the top of every post. What we don't necessarily know is where you be. Please create a signature (via the control center) that provides orchard name, growing zone, and relative location. Everyone creating a Grower Profile will be provided with a linked version of this same information.

Reminder Two
Some replies are truly intended just for one person. The option to send a private message is indicated by [PM] next to that person's name. This in turn makes for discussion threads with fewer distractions for the long haul.


Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
Re: phorum quirk and two reminders
March 24, 2021 05:00PM
Is there a way of search for just the latest msgs?

Old 99 Farm and permaculture site
Dundas ON 5b
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