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stressed apple trees?

Posted by Valerie Temple 
stressed apple trees?
July 07, 2019 11:23PM
We have just endured a really hard winter here in northwest wisconsin. Very cold temps. before snow cover then snow and rain to a couple inches thick over 2/3 of our 3 acre pasture. The orchard is on a west facing slope. The issue, some of my trees leafed out to about an inch and died. Now in early July they have small leaves again sparsely scattered on the tree. Some will have a branch or 2 that looks dead. same with fruit. Some nice fruit amongst the sparse leaves and some shriveled . Any ideas on the cause and treatment. I have talked to other ,backyard orchadist in the area,
several have mentioned the same thing. Any ideas would be helpful!

Val Temple
Willow Ridge Orchard and Amish furniture store
Zone 4 Barron , WI.
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