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leaf mulch

Posted by Josh Willis 
leaf mulch
May 14, 2020 08:53PM
Here's a home grower question, please. I'm "stuck" up here in MA for the foreseeable future -- New Englanders, how do you do this never ending cool weather???! winking smiley While I'm up here, I'm helping my brother with his 5 fruit trees (~2-3 years old).

As others have noted, sourcing hardwood chips isn't always straight forward those of us w/o chippers. Also, the arborists that I've talked to indicate their truckloads tend to be ~80% softwood, rather than the other way around. And those trucks are BIG; dump one of those, and we might use it for a decade.

So what's a home fruit grower to do?

What about leaf mulch? This has become readily more available for home gardeners, via pick up or drop off services by the yard...and it's "black gold" reputation has been earned in flower gardens that I've seen. Of course, fruit trees are a different kettle of fish (too many metaphors?). I looked up the carbon:nitrogen ratio, which at 50:1, seems in the realm of ramial hardwood. And it's assured to be of hardwood origin, leaf that it may be...so a bit closer to that deciduous forest ecosystem we're aiming for. Of course, leaf mulch will last much less long, only a season or so -- but that may be less of a concern with 5 trees. My main concern would be sanitation/hygeine...? Oh, and also that I know a lot less than y'all smiling smiley Curious to know your thoughts and advice in this regard.

Hope everyone is staying safe and sound and weathering the changing economy.

Zone 7a in West-Central MD

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