NY Times article on social life of forest
December 06, 2020 05:36PM
article last week in NYT on research into how trees interact in the soil, much as Michael has written about in his book about the topic. Just a lovely summary of one woman's research that started a long time ago and has fleshed out more about how trees of different species share nutrients and how they communicate important information.
Re: NY Times article on social life of forest
December 07, 2020 08:01PM
I assume this is the article about Suzanne Simard. She has been studying the subject that began 30 some odd years ago into the underground world (and a killer story that begins it all). I found her in a radio lab interview in 2016 (still available), but she has done ted talks, etc and has a new book coming out. What I find really fascinating about the micorrhizal subject is that researchers have been writing about it for a very long time and only recently has it become part of a discussion in agricultural circles. We owe a debt of gratitude to those are have tried to keep subsurface ideas (pun intended) alive. We can insert a shameless plug for Michael's book HERE. It also shows that we should look further beneath the surface (pun intended) for knowledge instead of what just happens to be chic at the moment.
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