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scythe recommendations

Posted by Martin Thoburn 
scythe recommendations
June 16, 2021 07:03AM
Any advice on what scythe to buy for understory orchard management?

Looking for a nice traditional wooden scythe that is well made that will last, not something I trust amazon to deliver for me.

Recommendations on Brands, styles, blade length, and what retailer to buy from would be greatly appreceated. I also hear you may have to size/fit the length to me for best results.

Martin Thoburn
SE Michigan, USA
Zone 6a
Re: scythe recommendations
June 16, 2021 07:44PM
Hello Martin, and welcome to the forum.

There are two suppliers that both specialise in European scythes. I got mine from Scythe Works [scytheworks.ca] A US based, and sponsor of the forum, is Scythe Supply [scythesupply.com]

Fit of the snath (the handle) is important, both sites have instructions on how to get the proper fit. Mine has adjustable handles, so I can fine tune it. I have not ever dealt with Scythe Supply, but looking at theirs it is not adjustable.

As for blades, when I got mine there was a large selection, the vendor said they were all suitable, so I picked the one that had a rooster on the label.

Get a snath saver, not an expensive add on. Pro tip: run some tape around the set screws to keep them from falling out. They are not a standard size you can find an a local hardware store. I recommend getting an extra set.

As for sharpening, they do have stones and holders. Michael Phillips in his video just uses a file. Whichever you choose, you keep it with you whilst mowing, so plan on how you will carry it.

Oh and one other thing, consider a hand sickle as well. They are very nice for working in tight areas or where you don't want or have room to swing a scythe.

Washington Okanogan Valley
Zone 6b

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