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vegetable interplanting

Posted by Linda Hoffman 
vegetable interplanting
June 04, 2013 01:08AM
I've started planting herbs and flowers between my trees - and have been thinking I'd like to also add some vegetables.

One thought is to plant some potatoes - pommes de terre - along with the pommes d'air? I know it's the night shade family...any thoughts?

Old Frog Pond Farm
Zone 5b in Massachusetts

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Re: vegetable interplanting
June 06, 2013 04:54AM
With the "mounding up" that is required for growing potatoes, it might do double duty of growing both tasty tubers as well as a form of haphazard mulching that your trees will appreciate. Especially if you use straw and/or compost for your mounding vs the native soil.

You will need to rotate your potato growing ground each year and that also works well for your haphazard mulching plan too.

I like it

Good luck and let us know how it goes . . . post up some pictures of the harvest

Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California
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