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Flame Burning and Strip Tilling

Posted by Clair Kauffman 
Flame Burning and Strip Tilling
June 19, 2013 05:16PM
Recently, I came upon some research done in Michigan comparing three approaches to organic orchard floor management for commercial orchards. Here is the link: [hortsci.ashspublications.org]

My questions in regard to this research are these:
1. What impacts do these methods have on soil and understory ecology (especially weed burning and strip tilling)? These impacts were not considered in the study.
2. Are these these the only economically viable approaches to orchard floor management for an orchard of 10+ acres in a relatively wet climate?
3. Have any of you tried the strip tilling and what is your experience with it?

Clair Kauffman
Zone 6b, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Re: Flame Burning and Strip Tilling
May 06, 2016 06:51PM
I'm very interested in spot torching weeds at this point. I don't want to flame the entire in-row space, just torch in spots where the weeds have gotten out of hand underneath the tree. Has anyone tried this?

Nat Bouman
Growing cider varieties in Zone 5b
On B.118 at 18X24
Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
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