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plant allies and livestock toxicity

Posted by John Wood 
plant allies and livestock toxicity
November 07, 2013 09:49PM
I was thinking of planting Horseradish and Rhubarb under my apples this spring both as a cash crop and for the benefit to the trees (mulching, accumulation, bee forage, etc).

In doing some research in have learned that some may be toxic to livestock which I intend to graze in the alleyways between rows of trees.

Now grass grazers are easily kept on task with a single strand of electric fence as long as they are rotated so that the forage is appealing, but I had planned on moving chickens through as well and there is no way I am going to fence them off the trees.

I have almost no experience with chickens, should I be worried that they will eat the toxic plants? Does it matter?


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