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Soil Test Questions; Bone Meal vs. Rock Phosphate

Posted by Philip Hopkins 
Soil Test Questions; Bone Meal vs. Rock Phosphate
February 03, 2018 11:11AM
My soil test showed low Phosphorus and the recommendation was for 90#/acre additional phosphate.
Given that price is essentially equal is there any advantage of Tennessee Brown Rock Phosphate vs. Bone meal. Bone meal has a little nitrogen, but I'll be applying Blood meal as my nitrogen source.
The only advantage I can think of is that I need less weight for the Bone Meal, which is fewer pounds that I have to tote up that hill.

The Boron level, for which they don't list a sufficient level, tested 1#/acre, 1.1, and 1.6 respectively at three separate orchards. I vaguely remember that 0.5 is considered adequate for most fruit trees, but I'm not sure. I haven't added Boron in the 6 years I've been growing.

The calcium/magnesium ratios were 3.5 (apples), 10.8 (apples), and 15 (pears). The soil is a clay-loam with a reasonable amount of organic matter. Should I adjust this ratio for any of these?

Philip Hopkins

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