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Proneness to early drop

Posted by Pat McBride 
Proneness to early drop
November 04, 2018 03:33PM
I have been in conversation with the U of MN, and am considering getting licensed and planting a limited number of First Kiss apple trees. However, the U has advised me that since the variety is prone to early drop, it might not be the best choice for my small orchard. I know many considerations factor into early drop, and that some conventional growers use Retain, etc., but I am interested in any advice on how to manage varieties prone to early drop in a “naturally grown” orchard. (Even if it doesn’t turn out that I plant First Kiss, I’ll be glad for ideas, and apply them to Honeycrisp, which also tends to drop early.)

Pat McBride
Twin Oaks Orchard
Zone 4b in Minnesota
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