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fish emulsion application rates

Posted by Leigh Wiley 
fish emulsion application rates
February 25, 2013 07:50PM
I've been using fish emulsion for several years before bud break to help decompose leaves and in my first few sprays for scab to increase nitrogen levels. I also use it again to decompose leaves in the fall. I've been using 2 gallons to 100 gallons water for dormant and late fall spray and 1 gallon to 100 for nitrogen boost, but I'm wondering what proportions others are using and their timing. I've also used Residuce the last couple falls but haven't seen any significant difference. Thanks
Re: fish emulsion application rates
February 25, 2013 09:23PM
Fish emulsion doesn't have the same biological value as fish hydrolysate (unpasteurized liquid fish stabilized with phosphoric acid) so I can' t speak to its use. Fish emulsion does have a slightly higher nitrogen content than true liquid fish. But it lacks the unsaturated fats that make fish with its oils still intact far more enriching. I use a foliar rate of 2 gallons per 100 per acre and a ground rate of 4 gallons per 100 per acre with fish hydrolysate. Some of our purposes are the same, Leigh, but I'm focused even more so on fungal support. The price one pays for fish has much to do with the rates chosen. I purchase by the 55-gallon drum direct from the national distributor for Organic Gem which is far more economical than by the single gallon, especially if from a retail organic supplier.

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