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foliar feeding and phosphorous

Posted by David Doncaster 
foliar feeding and phosphorous
March 30, 2014 07:43AM
I get a newsletter from the lab I use , Crop Services International. Here’s an interesting comment about foliar feeding:


The assertion was made [at the 2013 ACRES Conference] that nothing will go into the leaf of a plant without an orthophosphate molecule being present. In reality, just about any true solution, any suspension or any finely ground mineral – none of which contain an orthophosphate molecule – will find its way into a leaf or even a stem. Once a mineral enters the plant, the system will attempt to send it via the sap back down to the roots and bring it back up. At the junction of the root with the stem/trunk, Dr. Reams called it the “pons”, the plant will try to associate the mineral with phosphorus so that mineral acquires an identifying frequency that will direct the mineral to the proper place in the plant.
Nitrogen is a non-mineral that can enter the plant in a variety of forms: nitrates, ammonia, amino acid, urea, etc. and does not have to be associated with a phosphorus ion. Since N is the electrolyte (the stuff that makes ions flow) in the sap system, N carries along everything else. Plants will select the available form of nitrogen that it can use with the least use of its own internal energy, which is why amino acid-rich fish is such a good fertilizer and why the NutriFoliar product which fixes amino acid N right on the leaf is such an amazing enhancer of all stages of plant growth.
If you do use a pint per acre of phosphoric acid in your foliar spray, you will probably increase the initial efficiency of your spray as the phosphate ion will help move the applied mineral when it is inside the plant. If the speaker had been correct, however, then our Living Stone line of microbes & minerals as well as Organo Fish and Sea Crop 16 would not be highly effective as foliar sprays.

The need for adequate phosphorous at the ground level, much of it delivered to the roots by the mycorrhizae, seems better defined now for me. Here’s an important consideration in utilizing trace minerals in our trees.

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