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Surround Timing, Rain, PC behavior

Posted by Kevin Frank 
Surround Timing, Rain, PC behavior
June 03, 2017 04:41PM
Some musings: How long does a surround spray ideally dry on the leaves before rainfall so as to not get as "washed off" as can sometimes be the case? How much gain does one make toward that optimized full coverage, doing sprays in barely enough time in between days of rain? And how much will cool rainy weather affect the PC cycle and how obsessive to be about getting on successive sprays when the weather is working to wash it off? Has anyone found a rule of thumb that allows the obsessive mental agitation to let go? I use my plum trees as trap trees and use discarded carpet and lumber wraps on the ground under the trees to try to let the juvenile PC's dehydrate. Some years I get huge numbers of plums and some years almost none at all. I have the fantasy that the plum trap trees might be slowly lowering my PC population but I think this fantasy may be wishful thinking. I speculate that there may be other factors that boost and suppress PC levels in the orchard. I think ultimately the surround methodology will give way to a biological control that is less labor intensive....
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