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Posted by Zea Sonnabend 
January 30, 2018 01:56AM
Have any of you heard of or use a new product called TerraNeem EC? It is a cold pressed whole neem formulation that comes already blended with adjuvants so it doesn't need heating or additives to get it onto the plants. It is OMRI listed but not yet registered in California. The company is called Terramera and the website is Terramera.com. The website is not very useful. If someone tries it, please report back here.

Fruitilicious Farm
Zone 9b in California

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Re: TerraNeem
January 30, 2018 06:42AM
I looked at their web site, and you're right, it is not very helpful. They do not even have a contact page. and Looks to be more for consumers than farmers. I did find an email and phone number so will see if I can dig up some info on them. I'll report back what I find. Looks interesting though.

Mike Biltonen, Know Your Roots
Zone 5b in New York
Re: TerraNeem
February 25, 2018 10:14AM
There are more and more players in the world of neem every day, or so it might seem.

First, to be totally upfront, a primary business sponsor of this network and thus this discussion forum is Ahimsa Organics. This is the source of unadulterated, 100%, never frigged neem oil that I speak about in my books and list on our Grower Resources page. Other distributors on that resource page also carry neem, be it pure neem or extracted patented blah. TerraNeem qualifies as a legitimate neem product . . . but you need to know more of the backstory to appreciate the intrigue.

Our neemlady here in the states has long worked with her brother in India to see to fair trade sourcing and maximum quality oil. A few years ago his business was sold to new partners, including a "plasma version" of neem which had been formulated to be more convenient to work with right from the jug. These partners now supply neem oil in three grades, which I will call cosmetic-grade, virgin-grade, and extra-virgin-grade. All are cold-processed seed oils but the difference lies in azadirachtin content. Every batch of oil can differ with respect to ppm analysis, so suffice to say that 1000/ 2000/ 3000 ppm somewhat define the three grades. Adding to the ambiguity is the fact that analysis in an Indian lab often seems to show slightly higher counts than Canadian results. Again, every batch can differ and thus this relative range approach.

All supplies of the extra-virgin grade will now be directed solely into the "new" TerraNeem product. What's actually in that jug is 85% cold-processed neem oil coupled with alcohol-based adjuvants to make it ready to spray from the get go. TerraNeem comes with an EPA registration number for those who require the bureaucratic touch. Ahimsa Organics will be carrying this neem product in addition to the virgin grade that I plan to continue to use. The azadirachtin content of either works for holistic orchard use.

The story continues in that NymBioSys brand of pure neem oil has been registered by Ahimsa Organics with the EPA as well. This is sold through distributors only. It's the very same virgin oil as in the Ahimsa Organics jug.

Finally we come to cost. I will present this in terms of a single gallon, noting that bulk pricing correspondingly goes down across the board if you purchase a four-gallon pack or a drum. These dollar signs are approximate, based on my understanding of current wholesale pricing and an assumed 50% margin by whoever the distributor. Still, this is what to expect at the retail point this upcoming season:

•TerraNeem (extra-virgin, EPA number, ready-to-go) $160
•NymBioSys (virgin grade, EPA number, need to emulsify) $120
•Ahimsa Organics (virgin grade, need to emulsify) $80 plus

Not every day you'll see investigate journalism in this forum but there you have it.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire

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Re: TerraNeem
February 25, 2018 12:22PM
At double the price I can't see buying Terraneem. But I would love to find a way to incorporate an adjuvant like theirs into the early spring sprays when the combination of cold weather and hard well water leaves me with a lot of yellow gummy residue at the end of spraying despite my best efforts at pre-warming the water, adding lemon juice to soften it and stirring in lots of Dr Bonners soap before adding the neem to the tank.

Turkey Creek Orchard
Solon, Iowa (zone 5A)
Re: TerraNeem
February 25, 2018 07:45PM
Nice investigative reporting indeed . . . pour that man a frosty pint!

I am also seeing neem this and neem that, even in our smallest local hardware stores garden sections now too. Interestingly enough, as of last spring 2017, I am also seeing Ahimsa Organics 1 gallon jugs stocked in several local rock/soil material suppliers locally here in Grass Valley too . . . I have been sure to take time to thank them for carrying the Ahimsa Organics product cause you never know when I am going to need a gallon in a pinch and being able to pick it up locally is super sweet!!

Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California
Re: TerraNeem
February 28, 2018 01:26AM
Thanks Michael! I knew there would be a backstory.

Fruitilicious Farm
Zone 9b in California
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