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Liquid fish stabilization - DRAMM

Posted by Tim Pierce 
Liquid fish stabilization - DRAMM
July 30, 2019 08:14PM
This is probably a DRAMM specific question but they offer two different products stabilized with different acids.

Drammatic O - pure liquid fish stabilized with phosphoric acid
Drammatic S - pure liquid fish stabilized with sulfuric acid

Any thoughts regarding the use of one over the other?

Edit: I just learned that Drammatic S is not sold in a 55 gallon drum, only larger quantities but I'm still interested in any differences even though I'm not in the market for larger quantities at this time.

Also has anyone utilized the Drammatic K (or any of the others) product that includes kelp in the mix? A DRAMM rep told me it's a ratio of 50 gallons of kelp for every 5,000 gallons of fish.

Products list available here

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Re: Liquid fish stabilization - DRAMM
August 02, 2019 02:04PM
I can speak for phosphoric acid from the standpoint of holding fish hydrolysate over a year. I purchase a pallet of four drums of Organic Gem every other year. One plus drum goes to other growers nearby but one drum definitely is put aside for the second season. And it's always been totally fine that next spring, needing only a stir with a drum mixer to integrate the fish oils back throughout the drum.

This would seem to come down to the benefit of phosphorous versus sulfur in an arboreal biology context? Amounts of either seem to be on the order of less than 0.1% by weight. Nutrient stabilization comes from getting product pH down to 3.5 in either case.

There are times I use seaweed but not fish, and times I use fish but not seaweed. And thus the choice to purchase these core ingredients separately. The premix works for those focused on spring and comprehensive holistic applications.

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