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Shelf life for liquid fish?

Posted by James Smith 
Shelf life for liquid fish?
March 19, 2021 03:46AM
I'm trying to get my supplies in place. Neem oil is on its way. Now turning attention to liquid fish. So far not much luck. I left a message with Great Western looking for drums of Organic Gem. I received a message back saying they had a local distributor, who appears to be in southern Idaho and has not yet contacted me. On a whim went to a local fertiliser dealer and they said they carried Organic Gem in 275 gallon totes at $11.25 per gallon, which puts it just over $3000. They won't fill smaller receptacles, but will sell a partial tote if they have on available (they make mixes for fertigation). But I've found it for much less at other places, for example here: [ohioearthfood.com] or Neptune's Harvest here: [www.7springsfarm.com] and another player, Brown's Fish Fertiliser here: [www.7springsfarm.com] and [www.7springsfarm.com] All are much more reasonable than what I would pay just down the road. Does anyone know how long liquid fish keeps?

I found the answer here: [organicgem.com] "Undiluted Organic Gem stores well in conditions of moderate cold or heat. It has a shelf life of 5+ years."

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Re: Shelf life for liquid fish?
March 20, 2021 04:57AM
The question I would have is how does one determine if the stock is past it's better use or else date? And what if gets frozen over a winter? So far I just mix it up, filter out the crusty bits and go. What's the downside of using old fish emul.?

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Re: Shelf life for liquid fish?
March 20, 2021 06:56AM
Having never purchased it before, I can't really say. I would assume that when purchased is is relatively fresh. I don't know if it comes with a 'best by' date or not. Does it stay effective forever, or does it lose strength over time? I wouldn't throw it out if it were old, I doubt there is a downside to just using it up. My question is geared more towards planning. Is purchasing in bulk a savings if it takes you a few to several years to use it up? If it doesn't lose any effectiveness, then the answer is a resounding yes. Prices are likely to only go up over time. However if it loses effectiveness and you have to use twice as much or more to get the same results, then perhaps no.

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Re: Shelf life for liquid fish?
March 20, 2021 02:26PM
Fish hydrolysate is typically stabilized with phosphoric acid. This holds the smell of decomposing fish at bay, in theory. More relevant to this discussion is oil separation and exposure to air. I order Organic Gem in drums, four of which fit on a pallet for the same shipping price as one. A grower friend purchases one of those drums, and the other three last me 2 to 3 seasons. (This depends if drier summers prolong my use of fish for a foliar nitrogen charge when soil biology shuts down in drought conditions). Essentially, I use one drum per season... and it's an unopened drum which will keep best. Oils separate so you do need a mixing bit designed to fit through a bung hole (the source for this is in another thread). And in the event you go into fall with a partial drum, best to give that fish a stir and then pump into smaller containers which will have limited air head. There's a dozen or so 2.5 gallon containers in my cellar now to start the new season, each containing a reasonable amount of the desirable fatty oils.

One final note: Please stop using the word 'emulsion' as that is an entirely unsuitable fish product for biologically-based fruit production. Pasteurization destroys the goodness. We don't want to confuse new growers who haven't paid attention to important nuance. Fish hydrolysate is cold-processed and has a robust oil content, as its mostly if not entirely whole fish that are utilized.

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