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Crocker Fish Oil for Dormant Spray

Posted by Jack Mastrianni 
Crocker Fish Oil for Dormant Spray
April 01, 2013 02:03AM
Am going to do a dormant oil spray the end of this week after our 2 day cold snap (Tuesday and Wednesday). I remember reading somewhere that you can use Crocker's Fish Oil, which I have on hand. Has anyone tried this? What should be the dilution rate per gallon of water?

Maple Frost Farm
Langdon, NH
Zone 5A

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Re: Crocker Fish Oil for Dormant Spray
April 05, 2013 04:07PM
The first question here would be why? A dormant oil application is aimed at smothering mite eggs and scale, with aphid eggs as a tag along bonus if the timing is delayed dormant. A petroleum-based horticultural oil is traditionally used for this at a 2% concentration. That said, if you're not experiencing specific foliar pest issues -- and you should not be in an organic/holistic orchard where beneficial predators are not being harmed by chemical insecticides -- then why do something you have no need to do?

Crocker's is a refined fish oil more akin to shellac. I would suggest "savoring" this for years to come whenever making a biological app with Bt or spinosad and the like. The fish oil serves as uv-inhibitor to prolong the effectiveness of the biological toxin. My understanding is that this product may no longer be on the marketplace (can anyone confirm that?).

And then there's the impact of the first holistic spray of spring, which I believe you do, Jack. That application made the week of quarter-inch green includes pure neem oil, mixed at a 1% concentration this first time only (as little foliage is exposed at this point) with instruction to saturate bark tissues throughout the tree as well as direct downward to wet the fungal duff zone. Neem impacts the molting cycle of insects: Mites and aphids are indeed insects. Far more is going on here fungally, of course. The thing I find that needs to be stressed again and again is getting growers to visualize exactly what spray choices do. Mere habit is not a good enough reason.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
Re: Crocker Fish Oil for Dormant Spray
April 25, 2013 12:07AM
Just ran out of Crocker fish oil. Thought I could order it from FEDCO. Not listed anymore. Rats!
Anyone have a source?
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