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Mixing neem with surround

Posted by Fabio Chizzola 
Mixing neem with surround
April 22, 2013 02:52PM
We are almost at that stage, where I'd like to start, in a week or so, to put in the mix the first 5lb. per acre surround, so my question is, did anybody try to mix surround and neem? Are they compatible?

Westwind Orchard
Zone 5b in New York
Re: Mixing neem with surround
April 23, 2013 02:42AM
It will eliminate the chalky benefit of the surround, as all oils do, but can work as a base coat. Remember that clay particles need to slough off in order to annoy those bitty critters.

Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard
Zone 3 in Vermont
Re: Mixing neem with surround
April 29, 2014 06:36PM
Agree with Todd, works fine, we find ourselves doing this sometimes early in the season with a lighter oil as base coat. It doesn't seem like we see a noticable increase in PC's either, we use Surround mostly to discourage them and a few other pests.
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