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Make your own Lime Sulfur?

Posted by Francis Brabant 
Make your own Lime Sulfur?
May 11, 2013 10:48PM
Has anyone ever made it's own Lime Sulfur?

Here in Canada, it's ridiculously expensive (8.75 $ a litre) so I made two batches yesterday (beside my supplier could net get the product in on time for the weekend).

Since I was running around like the proverbial chicken without it's head, my mix was wrong (I halved the sulfur and lime, but not the water).

Anyway, I did turn orange and smelly. I am not sure that having too much water is a problem since I understand the mix to be stochiometric. (Sulfur and lime mix at a fix rate). At worse, I have a version already partially diluted. What bugs me tough is the fact that I ended up with some greenish leftover at the bottom of the barrel which could indicate lime that was either in excess or did not react with the sulfur. Also, the barrel had a thin coating of bright yellow sulfur on the sides. Hmm...

I will be using it today nonetheless as we are in the peak of scab infection with a heavy rain yesterday on unprotected trees (I could not use micronized sulfur on the trees due to a previous oil spray). The trees that I could spray received sulfur and potassium bicarbonate for good measure. Also, we have a major fireblight risk so lime sulfur is indicated and finally, those flowers have to go NOW! Just to be on the safe side, I will ass 4 kg/hectare of potassium bicarbonate. Can't be too safe at this time.

I would really like ot hear from other farmers who have prepared their own lime sulfur mix.

P.S. The mix I used was 10 kg sulfur, 5 kg lime in 100 litres of water (should had been 50... oh well).

7 acres in Oka (Qu├ębec)
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