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Sea Mineral Application Rates and Timing

Posted by Jack Mastrianni 
Sea Mineral Application Rates and Timing
May 15, 2014 02:00PM
I have used Sea 90, with great results, on hay fields after hay is cut and also in the sheeps free choice mineral bucket. I still have lots left over and am thinking about incorporating it into the spray program. In searching the net i have not scome across suggested application rates for a small scale homestead orchard (55 trees) where I use a 25G tow behind and a 4G backpack sprayer. Any suggestions? Also, how much redundancy is there in using Sea 90 if i already include fish/seaweed in the tank?

Maple Frost Farm
Langdon, NH
Zone 5A

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Re: Sea Mineral Application Rates and Timing
May 21, 2014 07:58PM
Orchard foliar rate for Sea 90 is 2.5# per 100 gallons per acre ... thus 1.6 ounces per backpack volume ... so call it 2 ozs. per 4G tank. I applied Sea 90 last season in the fruit sizing and fruit ripening windows. I have no particular observations to report. My thinking was that pre-bloom sprays are "marginal" as regards mineral nutrition simply because leaf surface is not yet up to speed.

What has caught my interest since is Sea Crop. Eco-Ag folks in particular seem to be focusing here. The heart of the pitch is that salts have been further removed than with Sea 90. I'm game ... but wondering all the more about effective timing?

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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