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Japanese-style Apple Bags

Posted by Brittany Kordick 
Japanese-style Apple Bags
January 06, 2020 03:11PM
We've been interested in apple bagging for years and played with it on and off. We'd like to give it a more thorough shot this spring on one variety of early apple that we have particularly bad curculio and disease issues with every year. There's been sporadic articles and studies over the years, usually using paper or plastic bags improvised by American growers or researchers. Does anyone know of a source for the bags that the Japanese are actually using? Anybody outside of Japan doing more than playing around with this?

A slightly related inquiry: in articles about the Japanese bagging practice, the art of "tattooing" particularly exceptional fruits is often discussed in tandem. Surprise -- we're also interested in doing our own tattoos on some fruit! Anybody know of a source available to Americans for fruit tattoos?

Thanks much,
Brittany Kordick

Kordick Family Farm
Westfield, NC
Zone 7a
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