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juicing options

Posted by Robbie Anderman 
juicing options
March 17, 2014 08:17PM
We need to find a better way to can our juice (about 1000 litres annually). The kitchen canner is labourious and takes lots of time and energy. Does anyone know a middle path between the kitchen 5-gallon stock pot canner with its canning jars boiling in a separate pot, lids in another pot, jar lifter and funnel, etc AND the big commercial canning operations that use even more power and running water and cost LOTS ?

We also looked into the Cidersure UV units that OESCO sells, yet they're in the $12,000 ( 2500 model) to $20,000 (3500 models) range, which we can't afford at this time. This would be great, yet I have yet to find a UV unit that is used and usable. Any ideas on this?

We have a hydraulic press that is working well and fits our size of operation and even helps the neighbourhood.... yet we're treading water as to what to do with out juice.... it's easy to ferment it, yet Ontario requires 10 acres of trees before a license to ferment for sale is issued. And we only have about 2 acres... tho' maybe we could team up with others.

We're also looking for a place to let acetobacter have its way.... 300 gallons of pear and apple hard cider awaits its future!

Meanwhile, snow covers the land thickly.... putting pruning into future dreams. .....
thanks for any help, Robbie

Morninglory Farm
Zone 3b* in Ontario

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Re: juicing options
March 18, 2014 07:34PM
We are looking for pasteurization equ. also and running into the same financial shock. Does anyone know how easy it is to monitor the accuracy of the uv units? Obviously on a heat unit you could measure the temp to double check if it is working properly. I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about a 12 grand unit that may be difficult to monitor. This also means great care with a used unit. Anyone who is versed in this area, please chime in.

Walden Heights Nursery & Orchard
Zone 3 in Vermont
Re: juicing options
March 27, 2014 03:02AM
Rob , I don't know if this might be an option for the moment . There is a crew here in Vernon , making mobile juicing trailers . One has be sold in Ont . to Gary and Gord Geissberger .

I've used one the last two years . They press , Pasteurize and package . The package is a 5Lt bag- in -a -box . Here was a minimum 6 bins but a number of us could pool together ( 2 each ) you get about 45-50 boxes per bin and my cost was $6 per box ( plus my apples ) . I'm not having much challenge selling for $15 per box .


Hillview Heritage Farm
Zone 5*in British Columbia
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