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open in new tab

Posted by Fabio Chizzola 
open in new tab
January 15, 2017 01:36AM
I was looking at some of the posts, and when you get to a post with a link and then you venture in the link, it is a lengthy process to go back to the forum. Basically you hae to click the back button many times until it gets there. I would suggest to open a new link on a new browser tab, so when you want to go back to the forum it's just one click. No super important, but a time saver.

Westwind Orchard
Zone 5b in New York

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Re: open in new tab
January 15, 2017 03:45PM
Agreed. Right-clicking on most any link, and then choosing Open in new tab makes both windows available without redundant back clicking. I especially utilize this (now that I've figured it out!) when composing a message in this forum, and wish to put in a link or check a fact from another post. Work-in-process can easily be lost if you stick to a single browser screen.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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