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Cookie Restoration

Posted by Michael Potts 
Cookie Restoration
January 17, 2017 12:47AM
Cookies have become a major concern: they're little computer files stored by your browser on your computer that enable and organize the way web pages appear to you. Our Phorum software uses them, and the Members' Grower Profile system uses them, too.
Cookies expire. Our first generation of cookies had a lifespan of about one year, and so many folks have experienced cookie failure. Cookies work on one computer with one browser, and so if you change either, your cookies don't work any more.
We want your cookies to work as transparently as possible -- ideally, you shouldn't even know they're there. Members will know that their cookies have vanished if they look at their own Grower Profiles, scan to the bottom of the page, and DO NOT find an EDIT button. When that happens, call in the Cookie Restoration Protocol!
This thread is meant to give members who have experienced cookie disappearance a chance to help us, the system operators, refine that protocol, so it works smoothly on all computers and with all browsers. (We hope you aren't trying to edit your profile or restore your cookies from a smart phone. We cannot be sure that will work properly. Please, use a computer or a good-sized tablet!)
-- Michael the web wrangler

PS: Please don't respond to this message until you are invited to do so by the Cookie Restoration Protocol.

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Re: Cookie Restoration
January 18, 2017 06:09PM
Reporting in. Cookie Restoration Process flowed seamlessly and efficiently on desktop, running Win-7, in Firefox browser. Editor ran smoothly. A couple of minor points: 1) the editor shows the html tags (<p> etc.); it is unclear whether new entries need these tags added by the end-user, or whether the editor will insert them. (As best I was able to determine by experimentation, it is not necessary for the end-user to do so. But Michael may wish to clarify this). 2) When one has finished editing, and clicks on the Save button, the screen returns to the editor, with an invitation to Save (again). Don't worry, it did save, even if there is no confirmation of the fact. The "View Entry" button, off to the right, does not function in th same manner as the "Preview" button on this page. (It simply takes one to the current profile; If you didn't yet save your edits, you will see no changes from your original entries.)

Otherwise an exhibition of consummate skill in coding and program flow exhibited by Michael-the-Code-Wrangler, for which he deserves an enthisiastic round of congratulations.

Broomholm Orchard
Zone 5b in Nova Scotia
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