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email notifications up and running

Posted by David Maxwell 
email notifications up and running
November 24, 2012 08:41PM
We have liftoff! Michael Potts has implemented the new module for email notifications, asked me to test drive it, and all looks good. What we had previously was notification of postings to existing threads to which we had subscribed by clicking the "notify me" box at the end of posting a response ourselves. What we now have, and what I am ecstatic about, is a notification when somebody starts an entirely new thread. One could not subscribe to a thread (as above) if one never knew of its existence in the first place.

So, what do you have to do to get hitched up? At the Forum home page, click on Control Center in the banner at the very top of the page in the upper right corner to get to your Personal Profile. You'll see a new option amongst the Options on the left for Forum Subscriptions. Click on that, and you will get a long list of all the category headings. If you want to be informed of absolutely everything, simply click on the All Forums box. Or you can choose from the drop-down list what you want, and in the last column choose After Each Post. I am not interested in Nectarines and Paw Paws, so I selected each topic that I do wish to follow explicitly.

Things for which you are not subscribed do not show up in one's email. New threads you do sign on for (such as any posting in Apples, in my case) generate a message in one's email, with the full text of the new posting, together with a link to go to the thread on the HON Forum. All responses within this category will also result in a notification in one's email box. If you don't want these periodic emails, by default you will not receive any notifications. If, like me, you want to be informed when somebody comes up with a brilliant new insight, login and make your desires known.

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Re: email notifications up and running
November 29, 2012 02:53AM
Breaking out a couple cold pints of cider for David Maxwell and Michael Potts

Nice work! I like it

I just followed your instructions and boldly went with the "all" option. It can easily be changed, or undone, later if things get too hectic. Until then, I look forward to the inbox notifications.

I can easily get them on my iPhone that way too.

Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California

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Re: email notifications up and running
March 08, 2013 08:20PM
Thank you!! Done!! Very Easy!!

Westwind Orchard
Zone 5b in New York
Re: email notifications up and running
July 09, 2016 04:25PM
Apparently these notifications might not be happening. Paul Weir just mentioned this to me . . . and I realized I haven't seen a notice in a long time either. On the other hand, the "portal page" is one of my home pages so I check for new posts each day as a matter of course. What would be useful if others could confirm that notifications no longer come to your email inbox. Detail always help. Both Paul and I are administrators of the grower discussion forum and thus may not be representative of what you are experiencing. Or not.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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