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June 09, 2019 12:00PM
Spraying first clay spray of the season. When I spray I wonder how are others doing right now in my climate or region. I think that unlike FB private groups, I have no way to identify (via the HON channel) who is in my region or climate or sub interest group. HON is a wonderful thing but local conversation often blooms into something less limited when there is a local-ness and familiarity to the folks conversing. HON spans a vast geographical and levels of expertise spectrum.

Michael: Would there be a way to invite those interested to be identified for purposes of a sub group discussion means based on local issues and local experiences?

What a day to spray. Almost no wind, warm and sunny. Hope someone else is having a similar feeling as they wipe wash off white clay from sunglasses, boots, arms and hands and spray rig.

Kevin Frank
Holderness, NH

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Re: regional groups
June 09, 2019 12:37PM
The way I plug into local perspective here in this forum is by taking note of where growers are by means of their signature. Thus attached to this reply you find that I am in Zone 4 in New Hampshire. Plus there's a link to my grower profile on my orchard name . . . which too many network members have not taken advantage to set up. The private message feature is one way to contact someone in your neck of the woods for direct feedback.

I know what you are asking, Kevin. Groups can be set up within the phorum software. It's not my inclination to go there, however, as it's not like any one of these discussions gets overwhelmed by far too many contributors. Are there growers thinking they might finally get involved if discussions were regional? I'll certainly listen to what all folks have to say about this. Keep in mind you can also narrow the base response by posting in Just Talk: "2019 clay spray timing in Zone 4" or something like that. My preference is the cumulative perspective, where we take the broader topic of "clay spray timing" and keep building on that knowledge base year after year.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
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