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Quince - do I need to thin?

Posted by David Maxwell 
Quince - do I need to thin?
June 18, 2014 04:22PM
My 3 year old Quince of Portugal tree is loaded with blossoms. If this were an apple, it would be very clear - I would need to aggressively thin if I wanted either decent size fruit, or a crop next year. Does anybody have any experience with quince? Do I need to thin them? Last year I got a dozen 1 pound fruits off this tree - these are big fruit, and it is plausible that I would need to thin to permit the tree to size up a smaller number of fruit. (If I were to thin them, I would do so manually. I suppose that still counts as "organic" thinning...)

Broomholm Orchard
Zone 5b in Nova Scotia

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