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apple packaging

Posted by Michael Phillips 
apple packaging
September 08, 2015 08:40PM
"I, like many others, have a HUGE crop this year, and I am trying to find a supplier of bushel cardboard boxes and half peck paper bags. My old supplier seems to have disappeared and I am having a terrible time scouring the internet to find another source. For some reason I cannot navigate your website to contact the members at large about this, so am asking if you know a source for reasonably priced apple packaging."

So writes Lucien Hinkle in Vermont. This could truly be a useful conversation for many smaller-scale growers if others chime in. Two years back I bought 500 count lots of 'locally grown' bags in three sizes. These aren't apple bags per se nor does the brown kraft paper have "wet strength" if you pull fruit from a walk-in cooler. (That's kind of essential ... and come next year I will have such! But that's another conversation.) Below are the suppliers I know about. You can download catalogs but often have to call for pricing. I'll let someone else do a 2015 price survey to post here, if someone else is willing.
Another option is to connect with the fruit growers’ association in your state or a nearby state. Groups can place bulk orders ahead of the season, thus cutting costs, provided it's a reasonable trip for you to the delivery place.

Lost Nation Orchard
Zone 4b in New Hampshire
Re: apple packaging
September 14, 2015 04:29AM
Connecting with a local growers association is great advice, Michael

I did that myself a few years back in speaking with a local apple growers association that represents the farmers in the Apple Hill Growers in Camino, CA

From them I received a couple go-to companies many of them use, and, they do in fact band together to save money on larger orders. Well worth looking into, as every farm marketing and supply dollar counts.

Two companies they gave me contact information for was

(1st one is a direct echo from Michael's list) Putnam Plastics Farm Products out of West Carrollton, Ohio 800-457-3099 for all of their 1/4 peck, 1/2 peck, Full Peck. paper bag needs.


Capital Corrugated in Sacramento, CA 916-388-7848 for all of the 1/2 bushel and full bushel boxes

. . . and one of the other larger apple sellers in that area, who is not in an association, gave me the name of one of their go to suppliers SeaCA Packaging Company in Stockton, CA 253-854-9700

As for a current 2015 price quote . . .
500 x 1/2 Peck Bags runs about $50 per case (case = 500 bags = 10 cents per bag) at the Webstaurant Store online

Gopher Hill Apples
Zone 8 in California
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