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M-111 expected teenage yield

Posted by Ethan Gouge 
M-111 expected teenage yield
November 22, 2017 08:18PM
I'm trying to get an idea of what my harvest might look like next year for marketing purposes. My M-111 trees were planted in the spring of 2014. The trees were between 1/2 - 1" caliper then and have done well, with exceptions of course. This year probably about half the trees had fruit. Kinnard's Choice was the only variety to bear last year. Gala's had as many as a dozen apples this fall, with other varieties only having 1 or two. I realize the variety makes a big difference in precocity, but based on the experience out there, what can I expect next year and the year after until these trees reach maturity? I was thinking maybe 1/2 bushel per tree next year, then 1 bushel in 2019, then 3-5 bushels in 2020.

Roan Highlands Farm 6b, Roan Mountain, TN elevation: 3200 ft.
Re: M-111 expected teenage yield
December 18, 2017 07:12AM
Hi Ethan, we planted about 60 mostly cider varieties in 2013 on M-111. (bench grafted in 2012) This year we had an amazing crop on most of those trees. There are exceptions that had only moderate crop and one variety (Harrison) had none. Most of these trees are biennial so I don't expect a lot for next year. Up until this year, we had a few apples on most of these but this year was amazing! So, depending on how many buds you have on your trees, this year could be a good one for you. I don't know tonnage per tree, but from 60 trees we got 3500 lbs of apples.

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Re: M-111 expected teenage yield
December 21, 2017 10:04AM
I think you are a bit too optimistic with next year's projections. Our fifth leaf trees on 111 mostly had less than 1/2 bushel; maybe an average of 10 lbs. per tree. It can expand rapidly after that though, so 2019 and beyond might be closer.

Fruitilicious Farm
Zone 9b in California
Re: M-111 expected teenage yield
December 22, 2017 06:33PM
One grower gets 3500 lbs from 60 trees at leaf five, or 58 lbs per tree. Another gets 10 lbs per. That is one heck of a differential. Wherein lies the rub? As this grower looks to let leaf five produce a crop, albeit on b118, what is realistic?

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