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deer buck rub

Posted by Josh Klatt 
deer buck rub
February 20, 2013 03:14AM
Conventional wisdom says to eliminate lower branches on trees - the fruit are more susceptible to fungal infections that low to the ground and easier for deer to pick off (our lab mix strips off any asian pears within his reach) .... But this fall/winter I noticed a possible upside to leaving the lower branches: when bucks decide to rub the bark off the tree, the branches seem to jam them up. None of my trees with lower branches suffered irreparable damage from buck rubs - the same can't be said for the conventionally pruned trees. From now on I plan to leave plenty of short "blocker" limbs all the way up and down the trunk and see what happens. Of course, nothing beats keeping the deer out altogether-- the subject of another post--

Josh Klatt
Ohio River Valley
Zone 6b

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