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June Drop

Posted by Russ Martin 
June Drop
June 16, 2015 10:43PM
Hello All,

I have a question on June drop. I have two thirty year old Harelson trees. I started thinning the crop tonight as we had a good apple set. Some smaller apples are falling off the tree. I understand from Michael Phillips book that heavy crops need to be thinned early enough so as not to inhibit next years blossoms. There is a time when this is too late to affect next years blossoms (or lack there of). With apples still falling from June drop, I am OK or too late with hand thinning for next years blossom development?

Russ Martin
Zone 4b Extreme west Central Wisconsin Hager City, WI

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Re: June Drop
June 17, 2015 11:08AM
Up to 6 weeks post bloom is a good time to shoot for. From: [www.ipm.iastate.edu]
Re: June Drop
June 18, 2015 04:55PM
It's definitely a dilemma. Here, I've tried this scenario...like thinning my most alternate bearing varieties (Splendour and Swaar) very early and it did not have an effect that I could see. Against all odds I thin until August the later varieties in order to get size. This works well with Golden Delicious and Wickson and Arkansas Black and Black Twig (the last two pretty alternate bearing). I don't like to thin too early as it is hard to do a good job and not have apples touching when full grown. Also when a little larger you can pick out the "prettier" fruit and larger fruit. I have not tried any spraying for thinning (other than accidently hitting full blooms with Neem---not a reccommended tactic). One reason for the long thinning period is keeping my one or two "full time workers" working and in today"s climate in California there is a huge labor shortage. AHH, June Drop---definitely some varieties do not DO IT (Wickson, Gold Rush, etc) Here it seems only the older commercial ones have "learned the trick" (Golden Del. Jonathan and Mc Intosh). June drop is usually in May around here. However I am finding that Michaels Neem and Fish, etc program after 3 years has definitely helped some kick the alternate habit (Arts
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