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Seeking amendment suggestions

Posted by carter holliday 
Seeking amendment suggestions
January 30, 2017 03:38PM
My second planting in rows that have been cover cropped and chised plowed. Then disked into and prepared into raised beds. I used azomite and TN brown sand in the planting. The trees were dusted w/EM. The first time planting got a food byproduct compost. I can no longer get that compost and weather is not conducive to getting my tractor in the orchard; considering a bagged material I can drag in, like Harmony or another NPK w/Calcium. I will finish with wood chips. Thoughts and or suggestions on the additional fertilizers?

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Re: Seeking amendment suggestions
February 01, 2017 03:11PM
Carter, what is your baseline here? Are you working with soil tests and the lab recommendations, or more of a shoot from the hip approach? Have you made the attempt to introduce mycorrhizae to the planting. I don't mean fungi in a can, rather innoculation from a local soil.

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