Degree day calculation
March 17, 2018 06:23PM
In calculating degree days for codling moth how does one handle a negative day ?
Using Michaels formula , min. plus max. divide by two , subtract base of 50 . 42+56 = 98 divide by 2 = 49 - 50 = -1
Do I actually subtract from my total or does it just hold for the day ?

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Re: Degree day calculation
March 18, 2018 09:21PM
Hi David,

It will be counted as a Zero for that day. . . no subtractions, and no gain in the degree day count.


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Re: Degree day calculation
March 19, 2018 03:19AM
Thank you very much , sir .

Hillview Heritage Farm
Zone 5*in British Columbia
Re: Degree day calculation
October 25, 2018 10:31PM
Hi David,
I recently discovered some digital tools that track GDD / GDU's. I can't recall if the tools' calculation process was transparent enough to help you track for specific pests & diseases (i.e., not sure if they say what temp level is used as a baseline). Still, it might be worth a look if you're into that sort of thing.

One was 'Agrible,' both an app and a website. Free basic tools, and you can pay extra for more. I found it handy.

The other was...ha! I can't recall. But pretty searchable on app stores.

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