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Organic Certifying Agencies

Posted by Rob Anderson 
Organic Certifying Agencies
June 26, 2018 12:38PM
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have advice or wisdom on choosing an organic certifying agency? I'm just getting a party started here in Boone, NC, for an apple orchard not yet planted.


Zone 6a in North Carolina
Re: Organic Certifying Agencies
June 28, 2018 08:41AM
And/or, are you going the certified OG route?

Zone 6a in North Carolina
Re: Organic Certifying Agencies
July 11, 2018 01:41AM
I have a certified organic orchard and I know a lot about this subject since I work part time as an organic inspector. Your choice depends somewhat on what you are planning to do with your fruit. For instance if you are exporting or selling to a processor you want a certifier with good recognition in other countries. If you are staying local, I would look for a certifier close to you. I think QCS (Quality Certification Services) might have an office in North Carolina and they are reputable. If you have a more specific question about it I might be able to help.

Fruitilicious Farm
Zone 9b in California
Re: Organic Certifying Agencies
August 14, 2018 01:46PM
In Ontario, we are certified by Pro Cert and in Quebec we are certified by both pro Cert and Ecocert.
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