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Heavy Metal(s) in the Orchard

Posted by Chris Vlitas 
Heavy Metal(s) in the Orchard
October 25, 2018 02:32PM
Farmers gather at their tractors
loading captan in their sprayers
single minded in destruction
death to insects and fungal constructions
in the fields runoff is yearning
the chance to genes apply a turning
hermaphroditing all mankind
all from a poisoning of their minds
Oh Lord yeah

Dunh Dunh Dunh dunh dunn Boo dap a dap dunh dunh
dunh dunh dunh.........

I have a fringe approach to knowledge by posing more questions than offering outright answers. Somehow, in my travels I have come to understand that people end up internalising knowledge to a greater extent if they are asked to provide their own answers instead of being presented with the content. Apparently that was a mistake in approaching the merits of using lithium ion powered UV radiation devices.

Lithium is a naturally occurring element. That does not mean that it is inert. It is every bit as toxic to the human neurological system as other metals like Lead. It is every bit as toxic to other life forms as other metals. Currently lithium is bound with other elements to make it more stable in battery form. That does not reduce its toxicity.

Every lithium battery on the market at this point contains exactly zero percent recycled lithium. There are processes that can recover a percentage of the lithium in a battery at the end of its lifecyle. To date, none can be pursued at an economic level that puts the recovered material in a price range competitive enough for any company to start doing so. This means that every lithium battery, whether it has actually come to the end of its lifecycle, or more commonly replaced due to whimsy, winds up in a landfill. There is no mass storage of the batteries, owing to their volitile propensities when not stored properly, for a day when reclaim can take place.

The result is that every Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, personal electronic device, cordless tool or appliance that is thrown out for the latest and greatest, along with those that actually can not take a charge, are thrown away. In a landfill. Waiting for the day when their container fails and the leach of a highly toxic metal can begin into the water table and aquifer. That is why I question the sanity of using lithim batteries.

Coltan is another interesting metal that has creeped into necessity column for modern soceity, much as any other blight has come upon us. That creep is the result of extremely unconsidered decisions. We are failing to ask the basic question of, “just because I can, should I?” Oppenheimer should have. The world is not a better place now that the atom is spilt daily.

25% of all coltan is mined by the hands of slave child labor in war lord controlled countries of Africa. They can do this because no one has bothered to understand what exactly goes into a cell phone. MIT has written about it: [web.mit.edu] Who cares about human rights when you have a need to text inanities?

Holistic thought is supposed to see the system as a whole. If we are not paying attention to the inputs, how can we with a straight face say we are being better stewards of the land than the persons that practice that which supposedly has brought us to the brink? The use of Lithium to solve biologic pressures on an orchard may prove efficacious in so far as controlling organisms in the orchard. However, will those benefits outweigh the incredible environmental impact that is to be incurred by increasing our “need” for lithium powered devices? In the high probability that it does not, how proper is our stewardship if we plunge into this techno frenzy?

Our conundrum is one of our own making. The universe never promised us a Jetsons existance. Rather, it provided an environment in which nomadic peoples learned to keep their population to about 60% of what their rangeland could provide in a nominal year. This allowed for survival during lean years and provided a chance of weathering a sudden collapse of a food source. We have lost that wisdom. Now our total interaction with our world is to rape it of every last feedstock and leave in our wake a soup of toxicity that engenders our extinction.

The United States is only 5% of the world's population yet consumes 25% of the world's energy. If everyone were to live like an American, it would take another 11 planets, devoid of humans, to provide for the energy of a world of Americans. How many planets are going to be required to power the food chain if we are to use UV as a means of controlling biologic pressures? 16% of the worlds population uses 80% of the natural resources. How many planets do we need now to continue the techno orgy? Yay technology!

A holistic consideration of any methodology needs to look at these factors. To claim other wise is dangerous at best. To be unwilling to admit that your methodology has flaws, despite being led to the reality of it, leaves me speechless...

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