Regalia Bio fungicide
July 20, 2019 02:42PM
This has just been released for use in canada.

The orchard I'm assisting at is ordering it and I'd like to know more about it (not just what the manufacturer states).

Anyone have any experience with it?


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Vancouver Island, BC
Re: Regalia Bio fungicide
December 14, 2019 03:21PM
Penn State has been doing some in-depth trials using a number of bio-fungicides including Regalia in recent years -- going back to at least 2016. You can learn about some of those Regalia results via their extension website here

or you might consider contacting their lead professor in fruit tree disease management. Her name is Kari Peter and her contact information can be found here.

Their trials may be most pertinent to the Midatlantic region but she may also have colleagues in Washington State and British Columbia who be more regionally helpful to you too.

By the way, I like Arbico as a source for a variety of offerings.

Good luck!

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